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Jonathan VanDyke

Installation for abc Berlin, 2015
presented by Loock Galerie, Germany

L blue N black I green M orange K violet
Installation view, 1/9unosunove galeria, Rome, 2015

Self Portrait as My Mother, as an Actress, as a Stranger, as a Painter, 2013
Performance view, Presented by Qwatz and 1/9unosunove, Rome Performed by Sonia Viviani

What recent artists have been the most inspiring to you?
I've been studying the early Renaissance painter Agnolo Gaddi—whose coloration and patterning is influencing my new work—as well as Amish quilts and Navajo Eyedazzler blankets, a long-term inspiration for my sewn paintings.
And we've been so lucky in NYC this past year to have several incredible artist retrospectives -- the great Martin Wong at the Bronx Museum, Hammershøi at Scandinavia House, and now David Hammons at Mnuchin Gallery. I've been thinking a lot about each of these shows.

How would you describe your relationship with Botana and Ellis?
They've described me as Director, Brother, Uncle, Colleague, Counsellor, Coach. They constantly bring new ideas and possibilities to my painting practice. I'm always super excited when I have a chance to get their energy and insight in the studio.

What is your ideal future project?
I'd love to design a site-specific installation in a big unusual space, especially one where I could build an architectural maze that would display both sides of the paintings. Ideally this installation would include performers showing up each day and moving in and around the installation; the whole thing evolving as a performance of painting and a space of gesture.